Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist, Bill Gates, criticized the U.S. response to Covid-19, saying that the nation ranks quite low compared to other countries in conducting testing and sharing clear messaging on safe social practices.

In an interview aired on Wednesday with Squawk Box co-host Becky Quick, Gates said US response in most respects has not been very good.

Gates did not mention Trump, but said that unlike the U.S., many countries have “done very, very well” using available behavioral tools and resources to help curb the spread of the virus.

Gates also stated that it has nothing to do with politics, “that’s a purely technical thing, not a political thing. Most governments take advantage of their scientists and listen to them. They don’t undermine them and attack them. Mask compliance in the United States is quite poor. And yet the cost of the mask and the productivity lost from [not wearing] the mask, it’s quite an intervention.”

Gates also stressed on the importance of  social measures like masks, social distancing and hand-washing being the primary tools to fight Covid-19 until therapeutics or vaccines are out there in big numbers.